Zero Waste Gifting

You’ve probably ended up here because you need a gift for your eco-conscious mate

At Real Food Gifts, we are passionate about showcasing wonderful products and brands that produce eco-conscious items. From chocolate in zero-waste packaging, to our closed-loop bulk goods, you’ll find some innovative products that champion reducing waste. Ensuring that the gift you send is eco-friendly will mean that your loved one can truly enjoy it, without worrying about the environmental impact.

We get it, because we are super passionate about being low-waste, too… but we know that not everyone is! If you aren’t really sure why your mate composts, or only buys plastic-free, here are some reasons why they do what they do:

  • If they’re plastic-free, it’s because plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade in landfill… or even worse, often ends up in drains and enter rivers and the ocean, where it contributes to pollution and causes harm to our sea life. Show them you get it with our 100% plastic-free zero waste pantry starter. It’s the perfect house-warming gift, and something they’ll feel really good about having.
  • If they compost, it’s because greenhouse gasses from food waste is one of the largest contributors to emissions globally. Send them a gift that supports their values with our coffee buzz care pack, which has compostable coffee pods!
  • Or if your mate is just beginning their sustainability journey, our zero waste cleaning box is the perfect gift to help them get started.