Palm Oil Free Gifts

You’ve probably ended up here because you’re searching for the perfect gift for someone who is always talking about animal welfare and the environment

We get it – it can feel super overwhelming to try and find a gift that aligns with their values, and ensuring that your gift won’t offend them!

At Real Food Gifts, we refuse to work with palm oil in any form, so by gifting with us, you’re doing your part to help our planet. Palm oil is used in everything from toothpastes to baked goods, and is found in around 50% of products on supermarket shelves. Plus, there is no labelling regulation which requires a declaration of palm oil in a product, so we have to work extra hard to keep our range free from it – but it’s worth it.

If your loved one is passionately palm oil-free, it’s because the major impacts of palm oil usage include:

  • Palm oil plantations are the largest contributor to deforestation.
  • Palm oil plantations displace Indigenous communities.
  • The habitats of many endangered animals are under threat due to palm oil usage.
  • Palm oil usage has HUGE implications for climate change, soil and water pollution.

Our zero waste bathroom essentials box is the perfect gift for them, with forest-friendly toilet paper, and palm oil-free pamper products and essentials they’ll feel good about using.