Ways to make sure your gifts are memorable

Sending the gift of nourishing food can be a great way to make someone feel special, loved and cared for. But why is food such a thoughtful and memorable gifting option? How do you make sure that your gift is a happy memory for years to come?

1. Senses are linked to memories

Whether it is the smell of a new hand lotion or the taste of a fabulous home cooked feast – human brains are hard wired to turn sensory experiences into memory.

By selecting a gift that your special person can experience in a sensory way you are making sure it’s a new memory for them. Add a personal message and that emotion gets linked to the memory too. What a great way to make someone feel good!

2. Shared experiences create personal bonds

Whether it is laughing over a shared joke or going to a team event – sharing experiences brings people together. Unite your team with the gift of a shared day out. Or bring family together through lockdown by simul-watching a new movie.

Togetherness is SO important right now and finding ways to be together apart can take a smidge of creativity – but cooking the same recipe and catching up about it afterwards goes a long way to building shared experiences and creating bonds.

3. An extra bit of thought makes people feel good

Personalising a gift is a great start. But take an extra moment to make sure you’ve wrapped it beautifully. Or – if the special person getting the gift is environmental – choose recycled wrappings.

Real Food Gifts includes an ethical impact statement with all our gifts so the special person receiving them knows you’ve put extra thought into the impact of giving.

4. Giving of yourself is quite touching

One of the most touching gifts i ever received was a cake mix. Along side the flour, sugar and cocoa a little note was included. It told the story of baking with grandma, and how this cake r3ecipe was one that brought happiness in childhood.

Giving this story, and special recipe of personal significance made a simple gift a touching and memorable one. And I still bake the recipe from time to time to remember the gift!

5. Giving is an opportunity to communicate

Each time you give a gift it is in opportunity to communicate an important message to your recipient. Not just “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas” – but I value you. I am grateful for all you do for me. I miss your face.

Telling people what they mean to us can be as simple as a small gift and a big message – take a moment to think about your card, it will make the gift all the more special.