Zero Waste Bakers Basket


There’s no waste with the packaging on these bakers staples.

All in our signature reusable, returnable Real Food Grocer Glass Jars your gift will be a pantry full of baking fun for the pâtissier in your life.

In addition to excellent quality basics (flour, sugar, salt, baking powder), we build out this collection with spices, raw organic cacao powder, vegan dark chocolate chips, nuts and Aussie sultanas to ensure that the baker’s pantry is complete.

Beautifully packaged with recipe cards and an impact guide to show your recipients the care that’s been taken when choosing their products.

**Please note that the exact varieties are subject to change – all replacements will be of equal or greater retail value**

(Price is inclusive of delivery for those within Real Food Grocer Service Area)



At Real Food Gifts the careful selection of the brands we support shows the people we’re gifting that we’ve really taken some time to think about our gifts.

This is never more true than when selecting items from industries that are rife with child slave labour and deforestation.

Items like sugar & chocolate are a minefield of ethical choices and Real Food Gifts only support brands that are doing good, not only by the way their produce and market their own products – but in how they take positive actions to improve their industry.

Brands you’ll find in this hamper:

Real Food Grocer Bulk Jar Selections

Real food Grocers home brand bulk goods are sourced with careful attention paid to ensuring traceability of ingredients and ethical labour practices. Not to mention the whole range is packaged in reusable, returnable, recyclable glass jars. Labelled with a non-sticky approach of a paper tag attached with twine or a rubber band RFG are all about ensuring the loop is closed on every aspect of this range of products.


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