Vegan Grocery Hamper


Send someone the gift of nourishing vegan food – fresh seasonal produce, and plant-based grocery essentials. Perfect for a housewarming or as a care package. This hamper contains all the basics for a plant-based kitchen – think plant milk, fair-trade coffee and organic tea, mustard and ketchup, tofu, tinned legumes and tomato paste, grains packaged in returnable & reusable glass jars, salt and pepper, freshly-squeezed organic orange juice, vegan chocolate, and creamy coconut yoghurt. Plus a selection of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

**Please note that the exact varieties are subject to change – all replacements will be of equal or greater retail value**

(Price is inclusive of delivery for those within Real Food Grocer Service Area)


At Real Food Gifts the careful selection of the brands we support shows the people we’re gifting that we’ve really taken some time to think about our gifts.

This is never more true than when selecting items from industries that are rife with child slave labour and deforestation.

Items like sugar & chocolate are a minefield of ethical choices and Real Food Gifts only support brands that are doing good, not only by the way their produce and market their own products – but in how they take positive actions to improve their industry.

Additionally, palm oil is so ubiquitous in our groceries that we often don’t even know it’s there! Baked goods are particularly sneaky with palm oil masquerading as harmless sounding ingredients like “vegetable oil”.

RFG is palm oil free because of the devastating impact the deforestation required by palm oil farming has on the environment, endangers species and by the ongoing human rights violations committed by palm oil production companies.

When you gift with Real Food Gifts, you know that our produce is always:

  • 100% Australian-grown – meaning that it is in season, has fewer food miles, is fresher, and supports local farmers and the local economy
  • As close to plastic-free as possible*

*cut produce items are wrapped in cling-wrap due to food safety laws. Some punnet items come in recyclable plastic, though we use compostable punnets when possible.

Brands you’ll find in this hamper:

Real Food Grocer Bulk Jar Selections

Real food Grocers home brand bulk goods are sourced with careful attention paid to ensuring traceability of ingredients and ethical labour practices. Not to mention the whole range is packaged in reusable, returnable, recyclable glass jars. Labelled with a non-sticky approach of a paper tag attached with twine or a rubber band RFG are all about ensuring the loop is closed on every aspect of this range of products.

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